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Posted by Jennifer on October 28, 2010 is a diverse eCard site for pet lovers! There's a good selection of cards for just about any occasion or season you can think of: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Friendship and even Moving Notices. Some of my personal eCard favorites on the site are The Great Turkey Escape for Thanksgiving, International Dogs in the Friendship section and Seasons for Pet Loss. The Holiday selection has quite a few fun and humorous eCards, too. One called "A Rippin Holiday", is pretty hilarious.
One of the great things about this site is that you can easily add photos of yourself and your pets to make the cards more personal or you have the option of sending the cards as-is with just a personal message. If you do decide to use personal photos, the images are stored for future use. I uploaded my Gmail address book to the site and created a card that was sent to a bunch of my friends with just once click!
Petzooba offers a free personal subscription which gives access to 14 eCards that can only be sent to one person at a time. For a small subscription fee, Petzooba offers a full year subscription with a growing selection of eCards approaching 200. Once subscribed for the year, you can send to as many recipients as you'd like. Also, with every paid subscription Petzooba will give you a second year subscription free, which you can send to a friend as a holiday gift! Co-founder of, Mitch Wilder, is a compassionate pet educator and 14 year broadcast journalist in the pet industry. His philosophy is that "No pet should be left behind". Best of all, Petzooba have chosen Adopt-a-Pet to receive 10% of every paid eCard subscription!


July 30, 2010

I just logged onto the new Petzooba e-card site and had a blast viewing the different e-cards that you can personalize with a message (and even a photo) before sending them off to your friends/family. The site was created by my friend Mitch Wilder, an animal lover and pet industry expert whose wit and humour make the cards on this site special indeed! There's a plethora of cards for just about any occasion you can think of - from birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other special occasions - you won't be disappointed. And they're not just for dog lovers (Ferret lovers check out the Ferret card in the "just because" category... we couldn't stop laughing) so you're bound to find the perfect one to fit the occasion and have fun at the same time. After mid-August you'll need to purchase an annual subscription in order to use the site (it's reasonable though, just $9.95) but till then, it's free, so log on and send me an e- card! Click here to see my favorite card, I love the song!

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